Android/ Mobile Development

NextDoor Global Services is one of the leading companies providing great services of mobile application development. Having an experience of more than 9 years, we have successfully managed to work on 10,000 projects. We make sure to match to the requirements of every app that we work on so as to give a satisfactory result. Our services are expanded globally and not restricted to a specific area.

What do we serve?

NextDoor Global Services render all the following things given below:

  • Smartphone app development
  • Mobile app development
  • Mobile app design
  • Tablet app development
  • HTML5 mobile development
  • Windows app development
  • iOS app development
  • Android app development
  • Blackberry app development
  • Cross platform develop
Features of the apps built by us
Easy to Use

our mobile development services are designed in such a way that brings more traffic. We give various designs, latest features and easy navigations. This helps our customers use the apps very easily with minimal obstruction.

Complete Security

other than the amazing features we also aim at providing full security to the apps. We care for our user’s trust and render all such security features like data encryption, biometric authentication, two step verification and all other things to maintain confidentiality.

New Capacities

another feature of our company is that we add new capacities on our apps so that they live up to the standards of the market. This also enables the users to use the apps with any difficulty.

Amazing Features

Next feature in the row is to add the fresh capabilities in the mobile app that can match the market standards. With cutting edge technology, our team experts offer next-gen efficiency to keep the users enjoy the mobile application experience.

Work on any screen

the apps that we built work on all the platforms for the best user experience. So, for any device that you use the app will definitely work.

  • Customized mobile app solutions
  • Integration of payment options
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Complete documentation of integrating app and plugin
  • Documentation of plugins & app integrations
  • Free bug fixes for 6 months after delivery of the product
  • App support for maintenance
  • Continued development support for the app at affordable cost
  • Scalable apps for future updates & development
Our services

iPhone App Development

our team members work hard at producing iOS applications so that the users do not face any problem.

IPad App Development

our experts have created various apps for iPad owing to the various capacities in Objective C, swift XCode and other languages

Mobile web development

we also provide mobile web development services so that the apps work equally well on mobile as well as web.

Mobile Game development

even for the game freaks, we are there. We aim at developing mobile games for our users.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

the apps that we develop can perform on multiple platforms such as android and iOS. We use all kinds of technology like Xamarin and React Native. .
Our process of mobile application development

In order to keep our clients happy, we make use of fine techniques to bring more traffic to the apps. Following is the process that we use to develop apps:

Understanding the Scope

  • Knowing our client
  • Understanding their requirements
  • Providing alternates

Wireframing & Designing

  • Designing a blueprint
  • Wireframing screens
  • Designing app

Developing the app

  • App coding
  • Optimizing the performance of the app
  • Feedback by the client

Our immense experience in this field of mobile development helps us to create apps on various fronts such as android and iOS.

Ensuring the quality

Once the app is developed, our team of testers work hard to ensure that the app works smoothly and properly. This includes:

  • Testing the mobile code
  • Weekly testing reports
  • Manual and automated testing
  • Performance, security and usability is also tested
Ensuring the quality

Client approach- the very first thing when we get the order from a customer is to understand their requirements and then we begin to do the planning.

Fast results- we aim at giving fast results to our clients the moment a customer approaches us. We try our best to deliver quick and swift services to our clients without any hinderance.

Complete transparency- for the satisfaction of our customers we try to maintain 100% transparency so that the customers do not feel deceived.

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