Linkedin Marketing

Does your company have online presence to attract customers? Are you able to connect with them? Are you estimating the capability of linkedin marketing?

LinkedIn marketing helps you to connect your brand with large number of professionals across the world. It is really effective lead generation method. Through this marketing campaign, businesses have ability to direct access to customers that they can easily market to with status updates, images and other casual posts. To target your audience, make a LinkedIn company page which is informative, error-free and high quality.

Features of LinkedIn for businesses

Make your company profile and make large network. Then, you can take the benefits of linkedin features which help your business to grow and expand your business across the world.

• who’s viewed your profile
• how you are connected
• influencer content search
• mentions
• groups

Reasons why LinkedIn marketing is important for your business?
  • Share valuable content which attracts your audience: by sharing content that your viewers want to see and share with others, your viewers become engaged with your company and increase your global reach. Share your content in various formats such as Slideshare business presentations, blog posts, infographics, webinars, podcasts and videos to suit the viewing preferences of your target audience. On LinkedIn, you can share as many status updates as your content supports.
  • Introducing new products or services: mostly people use social media for various benefits. But more than half of vendors recognize that they have generated sales on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn company pages, you can share your new products your company developed. Businesses can share their links to websites so that readers can easily get information and convert your website visitor traffic into warm business leads.
  • Stand out in competition: on LinkedIn company page, you can use your company description to focus how you are different from your competition. It includes company news and share information about your company culture to reach target audience. Businesses can share the photos, infographics and stories to provide users a transparent impression of your company.
  • Check out what your competitors are doing: according to content marketing strategy, 94% of businesses use LinkedIn to share content. On linkedin company page, it is easier to control the changes in your industry and view what your competitors has published. Observe change of employees and controlling the social media content strategies of other companies on a regular basis will help you identify trends and opportunities for talent acquisition and growth areas for your business.
  • Improve your ranking in search engines: Google rank Linkedin company pages and posts high in the search engine results pages. However, adding updates to your company page and optimizing posts for SEO helps to enhance your performance in the search results page. A high-quality linkedin pages can help you to make network and prospect for quality sales leads but it also makes your public image on a global scale as a reputable and trustworthy organization.

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